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Poems (2021-2)


What Becomes Memory  (Nimrod) 

The Day Before Our Family Portrait  (The American Journal of Poetry)

Homeopathy for Melanin (Cimarron Review)

New Year's Eve (Half Mystic)

Poems (2020)


A Father Imagines Himself Another Maple at Departures (Lana Turner--forthcoming)

Carthage (Joy Boone Prize Finalist--Heartland Review)

Chernobyl on HBO (Tar River)

*nominated for a Pushcart Prize*

Self-Preservation (Ninth Letter)

Sonata Composed for the Stolen Cell Phone in D Minor (Sugar House)

Taxonomy (Sugar House)



Poems (2019)

Driving Lessons (SOFTBLOW)

From the Narcotics Officer to My Neighbor Hiding in His Attic (RHINO)

Homecoming (Wildness)

Inherit (SOFTBLOW)

Not Innocent (SOFTBLOW)

On Less Sleep (Constellations)

On My Wife's Almost Disappearance (Constellations)

Pandemonium (The Collagist)

Pip Flies Pequod Airlines (Yemassee)

Plantation (PRISM International)

Theseus (The Journal)

To guide my son to sleep (Lunch Ticket)

to guide my son to sleep ii (SOFTBLOW)

Valencias Served with Cinnamon and Olive Oil (Yemassee)

Weeding (Barnhouse-forthcoming)


Poems (2018)

After the Fight (Juked)

Circle Game (Citron Review)

Crack (Southern Indiana Review)

Crosshair (Wus.Good)

Delivery (Oxidant | Engine)

Finish Line (Wus.Good)

Ethnic Hair (Paper Nautilus

*Nominated for Pushcart Prize*

Grand Canyon (The Mantle)

Grandma Complains about White People (Nourish)

Healing (Flypaper)

Kikazaru (Southern Indiana Review)

Language (Juked)

License (Flypaper)

Malus (The Normal School Online)

Meat Market Burned, The (Juked)

*Nominated for Best New Poets 2019*

Negative of Fear (Conclusions and Findings)

On My Wife's Falling from the Sky (Cosmonauts Avenue)

Ornithology (Flypaper)

Pest Control (Up the Staircase Quarterly)

Porches (Paper Nautilus)

*Nominated for Pushcart Prize*

Sand House (Up the Staircase Quarterly)

Siren (Citron Review)

Skin (Pretty Owl)

Spoiled (Pretty Owl)

Twenty-Ten (Teach.Write)

Untitled (Oxidant | Engine)

Poems (2015-2017)

a gardener's advice (Ascent)

A Case of Unemployment (Dressing Room)

Amen (Front Porch Review)

After the Anniversary (Red Branch Journal)

At Your Mother's (Rust + Moth)

Bomb Threat (Origins Journal)

Boys (Origins Journal)

Chemical Physics 301: An Introduction to Melanin in Corporeal Space (Tinderbox)

Church (Heavy Feather Review)

Cycling (Clear Poetry)

Discovery, The (B O D Y)

Detached (*82 Review)

Ethnic Hair (Whale Road Review)

*Nominated for Best of the Net*

*Nominated for Pushcart Prize*

Entangled (District Lit)

Excerpts: Letters from Thomas Jefferson to Barnum & Bailey (Heavy Feather Review)

Extra Extra (Tinderbox)

Five (Glass Poetry)

Flaw (ELKE)

Genealogy (Heavy Feather Review)

ghosts of fire (S/WORD)

Haiku (Modern Haiku Review)

Hold on Me (Red Eft Review)

Horoscope for the Just Dead (The Lake)

Janus (Atticus Review)

Junior (Heartbeat)

Last Time, The (burntdistrict)

Light Reading (Tinderbox)

Liver, Liquor, Cancer, Cancer (Foundry)

Leak (*82 Review)

Looking Up Ghosts on Youtube (Wherewithal)

night of the robbery, the (Outlook Springs)

November 14th, 2015 (Heartbeat)

One (Heavy Feather Review)

Phasmophobia (Cold Creek Review)

Perfect Match, The (Loch Raven Review)

Pineapple (DMQ)

Policy (Clear Poetry)

Pool (Heartbeat)

Porches (Lunch Ticket)

Renewed (Heavy Feather Review)

Stargazing (Up the Staircase Quarterly)

Stereo (Gyroscope Review)

stray (Origins Journal)

that car grandma left my brother (Outlook Springs)

To and From (Clear Poetry)

Twenty-One (Sakura Review)

Two (Amaryllis)

viewing (Sweet Tree)

Wall, The (Wusgood.Black)

What Elephants Remember (Cider Press)

when introducing my father (Beech St.)

Where I go (DMQ)

Yellowjackets (Conium Review)

Your Autograph (burntdistrict)

Zero (Sweet Tree)


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